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Monday, April 11, 2011

Beeper Egg Hunt

So, I surprised my group and came home for a week. I don't know how Mary and I were able to keep it a secret for as along as we did, but everyone was surprised to see me especially Rocco. He was so happy to see me. He jumped and almost knocked his new momma over. He's really matured a lot since I last saw him in January. We got to spend "Gotcha" day together (well really, the day before "Gotcha" day) because the Egg Hunt was on the 9th. He did such a good job with all the children who petted and loved him and then snuggled with me during the picnic afterward. He's got evals today with Jim and he will be 15 months really soon so this is sort of that eval where Jim decides if he's ready for formal training. I know he's gonna do great when he is ready! His new momma says that she thinks he needs another few months out to mature still, but he might go back in at the end of this month. But enough of that, here are some pictures for you.
Rocco and Me with a visually impaired child. My mom is the one in the background.

Of course there had to be a picture of him giving me a kiss.

Rocco wanted to love on his "grandma" more than he wanted to take a picture.

Rocco in the car on the way to the picnic.

Rocco cuddling with me at the picnic. You can see, if you look real closely, that he's licking my leg.
Right now I'm puppy sitting Snyder. He's one of our newest little guys. And he's so cute!

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