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Meet Rocco

 Guide Dog Puppy #2


Rocco's Stats:
Male Yellow Lab
Working Guide
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DOB: January 20, 2010
Mother: Peach (Yellow Lab) from PAWS
Father: Atrus (Yellow Lab)
Siblings: 3 Females and 1 Male
     Reann (FYL): Breeder
          1st litter Sire - Alonzo(BL); Pups - Becky (FBL), Bismark (MBL), Brie (FYL), Brook (FYL), and Bruno (MYL)
          2nd Litter: Sire - Jolt (YL); Pups - Cooley (MYL), Cassia (FYL), Ceylon (FYL), Chabot (FYL), and Coraline (YL)
     Regina (FYL): CC'd in phase 6
     Rocky (MYL): Guide in Austin, TX
     Romy (FYL): CC'd for medical
Arrival Date: April 10, 2010
Transfer Date: September 13, 2010 to the Visalia Tailwaggers
Recall Date: May 22, 2011
Graduation Date: August 27, 2011

Graduted as a Working Guide on August 27, 2011!!!!
Working in Ontario, Canada as of August 27, 2011!