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Meet the Group

PWAP (Puppies with a Plan) Group History
Keno (MYL): IFT (Breeder Evals), Breeder
Nedra (FBLGX): PIT, CC'd
Tina (FYL): (transferred), CC'd
Camino (MBL): IFT, Guide
Chevelle (MBL) IFT, Guide
Swift (FBL): PIT, IFT, CC'd
Galloway (MYLGX): PIT
Gia (FYLGX): PIT, IFT (Breeder Evals - spayed)
Harlem (FBL): PIT, IFT (Breeder Evals)
Dulcie (FGLD): PIT
Pioneer (MBL): PIT
Alden (MGLD): PIT
Cinnamon (FBL): PIT
Jiminy (MGLD): PIT
Raquel (FYL): PIT
Waffle (FBL): PIT
Cashmere (FBL): PIT
Filly (FBL): PIT
Miss "Q" (FBL): Coming Soon

Eli (MBL): IFT, Guide
Titus (MBL): IFT, Guide
Hank (MBL): IFT, CC'd
Marley (MGD): PIT, IFT, Guide
Nevada (FGLD): PIT, IFT, CC'd
Napa (FGLD): PIT, IFT (Breeder Evals - spayed), CC'd
Tori (FLGX): PIT, IFT (Breeder Evals - spayed), Guide
Darrell (MLGX): Transferred (PIT), IFT, CC'd
Fienna (FBL): PIT, IFT, CC'd
Keno (MYL): PIT, IFT
Samar (MGLD): PIT, CC'd
Nedra (FBLGX): PIT
Tina (FYL): PIT, (transferred)
Camino (MBL): PIT, IFT
Chevelle (MBL): (transfer) PIT, IFT
Swift (FBL): PIT
Galloway (MYLGX): PIT
Harlem (FBL): PIT
Dulcie (FGLD): PIT
Pioneer (MBL): PIT
Alden (MGLD): PIT
Cinnamon (FBL): PIT
Jiminy (MGLF): PIT
Raquel (FYL): PIT
Waffle (FBL): PIT
Lance (MGLD): IFT, Guide
Danvers (MBL): IFT, Guide
Stuart (MYL): PIT, IFT, CC'd
Teesha (FBL): PIT, IFT (Breeder Evals - spayed), CC'd
Tippin (FBL): PIT, IFT (Breeder Evals - spayed), Guide
Schroeder (MYL): PIT, CC'd (bilateral elbow dysplasia)
Peabody (MYLGX): (Transferred), CC'd
Shep (MBLGX): PIT, CC'd
Terrence (MBL): PIT (transferred), CC'd (Now in Training with the NDSDF as a Search and Rescue Dog)
Titus (MBL): PIT, IFT
Hank (MBL): PIT, IFT
Marley (MGLD): PIT
Nevada (FGLD): PIT
Napa (FGLD): PIT
Darrell (MYLGX): PIT, (Transferred)
Fienna (FBL): PIT
Keno (MYL): PIT
Tina (FYL): PIT
Camino (MBL): PIT


Rockford (MYL): PIT, CC'd
Amici (MBL): PIT, IFT, CC'd
Kendrick (MYL): PIT, IFT, CC'd
Pauli (MBL): PIT, IFT, Guide
Rocco (MYL): PIT, IFT, Guide
Hilly (FBL): PIT, CC'd
Lance (MGLD): PIT, IFT
Luther (MYLGX): PIT, CC'd
Danvers (MBL): PIT, IFT
Stuart (MYL): PIT
Teesha (FBL): PIT
Tippin (FBL): PIT
Snyder (MYL): PIT, CC'd (bilateral elbow dysplasia)
Schroeder (MYL): PIT
Peabody (MYLGX): PIT (Transferred)
Eli (MBL): PIT
Terrence (MBL): PIT
Titus (MBL): PIT
Hank (MBL): PIT
Marley (MGLD): PIT
Nevada (FGLD): PIT
Napa (FGLD): PIT

Freya (FBL): PIT, IFT, Guide
Winston (MYL): PIT, IFT, Guide, Retired (May 2012)
Colorado (MGLD): PIT, IFT, CC'd (elbow dysplasia)
Townsend (MBL): PIT, CC'd
Tomales (MBL): PIT, CC'd
Royalty (FBL): PIT, IFT, CC'd (hip dysplasia)
Rockford (MYL): PIT
Amici (MBL): PIT
Kendrick (MYL): PIT
Rocco (MYL): PIT (Transferred)
Lance (MGLD): PIT
Luther (MYLGX): PIT
Pauli (MBL): PIT
Danvers (MBL): PIT


Wrigley (MYL): PIT, CC'd
Harvard (MBL): PIT, IFT, Guide
Zack (MYL): PIT, (Transferred), IFT Guide
Freya (FBL): PIT
Winston (MYL): PIT
Colorado (MGLD): PIT
Townsend (MBL): PIT
Tomales (MBL): PIT
Royalty (FBL): PIT
Rockford (MYL): PIT

Finch (MYLGX): CC'd, now a narcotics detector dog
Crenshaw (MBL): Guide
Wrigley (MYL): PIT
Harvard (MBL): PIT
Zack (MYL): PIT
Freya (FBL): PIT