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Meet Dulcie

Guide Dog Puppy #4


Dulcie's Stats:
Female Golden Retriever
Currently a Puppy in Training

DOB: March 14, 2013
Father: Amici (Male Golden Retriever)
Mother: Garcelle (Female Golden Retriever)
Siblings: 9 pups
     Danube (FGLD): PIT in Colorado
     Dapper (MGDL): IFT
     Davenport (MGLD): PIT in California
     Delfina (FGLD): PIT in Arizona
     Demi (FGLD): PIT in Texas
     Dewey (MGLD): PIT in Washington
     Downton (MGLD): CC'd
     Dumont (MGLD): CC'd - medical

Arrival Date: May 24, 2013
Recall Date: ?

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