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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Two Puppies....

Two very long tongues...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Colorado Update

Mary spoke with the head vet up at GDB and passed along the information to all of us so I thought I would pass it along to all of you.

Colorado has a very, very small case of elbow dysplasia in his front right leg. This, while it shouldn't really bother him later in life, rules him out as a Guide because pulling on the harness would irritate his leg and eventually cause him pain. He said that they rate dysplasia from 1 to 3 and Collie is a 1. So, that's quite a relief. He said that he should be fine and happy the rest of his life as long as he stays lean (no extra treats for Colorado) and doesn't fetch or jump for things like frisbees.

All in all, not really a bad case. This might mean that he is still eligible for the D4D programme or any other community placement. I'm glad there's a chance he might still be out there making some one's life all that much easier. But if he comes home as a pet that's wonderful too!

I Hate Bad News

Sometimes when you're a puppy raiser you sometimes have to hear or deliver bad news. This is one of those times for both me and you.

Mary, you all know Mary, she's my leader and "co-raised" (I really took him once summer started but she was a giant help during the school year) Rocco with me. Well, he Puppy who just left for formal training has been Career Changed. Any of you guess what puppy it is? Yep, Colorado...it's a sad day. Mary got the call from Jim telling her he had been cc'd for medical issues. My Fluff has elbow displasia. She's waiting to see if he can be offered for Community Placement and if he can he would go to the D4D programme though she hopes that he might be able to be a K9 Buddy. If he can't be Placed then he's coming home and she's placing him with a family near by.

That's the sad bit of news for the day. Collie would have definitely been a wonderful Guide! I was really looking forward to his graduation. But, I suppose that's the joy of medical CC's right? You can always say that your puppy definitely would have made it if it hadn't been for his/her health. Sometimes though, when the puppy is as good as Colorado, they're the hardest.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pictures of My Group

Ok, now you've all met Luther who is adorable. But I thought I would post a picture group post. So these are the puppies in the group. Recent pictures and old pictures and since I'm the proud, braggy parent type I'm starting with my babies. Only no young pictures of Rocco because you've seen all of those before.
Freya: Freya 6 months old
Freya 4 months old
Freya 9 wks old
Freya 9 weeks old
Freya now...

Rocco: (these are just my favourite most recent pictures)

Winston: (now In formal Training)

Colorado: (Now in Formal Training)

Townsend: (Now CC'd)

Tomales: (Now CC'd)

Townsend (L) Tomales (R)


Royalty: (She's one of my favourite puppies so bear with me)




Those are all of the puppies in the group right now. Here are a few group pictures.