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Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Day in the Park

* Written by Frankie *

I don't know what you guys have heard about weather in Scotland. But let me tell you; all of it is myth. I know that some of you may hold fantasies of Scotland being green and sunny and beautiful. While it can be all of those things the times that it is tend to be few. Spring is usually nice and summer isn't too bad, but here at the end of winter the weather isn't great.

This past week our weather included of snow, rain, frost, wind, and all other manners of bad things. Mostly, it was fine because Erin and I spent a lot of time indoors. Class, the office, studying at home. We were able to hide away from the weather well enough and were able to take the short windows where the rain or snow would cease and the wind would die a little to take quick walks. Imagine how happy we both were when we woke up to sunshine and clear skies on Saturday.

We ate breakfast and woke up a little. For me that included a good after breakfast nap and a long, hard chew on my favourite bone. For Erin, it included a shower. It's not something that we agree upon really, but to each their own. Then we walked to the park. I'm pretty sure that I did good walking to the park, but Erin got pretty testy with me when we actually got into the park. Well! There was this little, white puff of thing that had the audacity to call itself a dog...a boy can't help but be a little agitated by that. And someone left a perfectly good stick just lying around there in the park. I was simply doing my civic duty by picking it up and running around with it trying to find its owner NOT to play with it. But because I didn't come when called nor put down the stick (just trying to find the owner of course) and because I sort of forgot how to sit when that white, puffy thing walked past...well I wasn't allowed a free run until I proved I could be good.

Instead, we walked through the whole park first just so that I could...ummm...learn the lay of the land. Yeah, that's it. It definitely wasn't because I was acting crazy and not listening. After I got the lay of the land down pat I was finally allowed to run around. Erin threw a bone for me and thus a good game of fetch was started. And from then on when I was told to leave the real sticks alone I would. It was a great morning in the sunshine.

After that we went home for a nap. Well ok, I took a nap. Erin did a little work. Unfortunately, because the weather was still nice after she finished working, Erin took me shopping. Clothes shopping. Clothes shopping may just be the most boring thing on the face of the earth. I mean, they don't even have any doggie stuff in the clothe stores. I would think they would at least of a rack of dog toys for their canine patrons. Ah well. We were in town for a while and by the time we got home I was pooped. So another nap was had.

Then it was time for Erin's roleplaying game. I enjoy these because it gives me some time to catch up on my sleep. While they roll their dice to defeat some evil, chaos monster, I had a nice long nap.

After a day like that I sure was tired when we got home. Erin stayed up a little later reading, but I went straight to sleep. Well, not before I tried to convince Erin that I was allowed to snuggle with her in bed. She didn't let me. Can't blame a pup for trying.

Frankie (yellow lab/golden cross) sitting in front of the bone I was throwing for him at the park.
Frankie running in the sun.
Frankie running back to me with his bone.
Frankie posing with a big grin at the park.
Frankie putting his head on the side of my bed trying to convince me that he's allowed up.
I go back home today, so until next time.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Relaxing Day

 * Written by Frankie *

After a few very long days of two hour lectures and hours at the office and food shopping, today was a nice relaxing day. Just a sort one hour lecture and three and a half hours at the office then home to relax. Auntie Erin had a headache so we sat around the house just lounging. I did try and make her feel as best as I could. I accomplished this by promptly picking up my squeaky, felt ring and flinging it into her lap hinting for a short, indoor game of fetch...it always makes me feel better. She seems to be feeling better now at least.

Tomorrow sounds like it will be another short day. I like short days.

Below you can see some pictures from this afternoon at home. Why yes, I am incredibly handsome.

Frankie, male yellow lab/golden cross
Frankie, male yellow lab/golden cross smiling at the camera
Frankie, male yellow lab/golden cross smiling

Monday, February 4, 2013

My First Day at Work

*Written by Frankie*

Since I was last over at Auntie Erin's house, she got an office job. So guess where I got to go with her today? That's right! To the office! It wasn't the most fun thing ever, but Erin says that I did very good. She also says that this was good for me because I don't like it when she leaves my line of sight and she has to do that ALL the time at work. I started off the shift getting up and following her every time she got up, but by the end of the day I would just look at her and go back to sleep.

I get to go back again tomorrow after the two hour lecture about Social Psychology. Busy days for the rest of the week.

And everyone loves me at the office.