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Meet Hilly

Guide Dog Puppy #3


Hilly's Stats:
Female Black Lab
Guide Dog Career Change

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DOB: March 23, 2010
Mother: Aqua (black lab)
Father: Dylan (black lab)
Siblings: 6 females and 1 male
      Halette (BLF): Guide
      Hana (BLF): CC'd - medical
      Hanalei (BLF): CC'd - cataract in right eye
      Havasu (BLF): CC'd
      Hermes (BLM): Guide
      Hestia (BLF): Breeder
           1st Litter: Sire-Joplin(YL). Pups - Farley(MBL), Fienna(FBL), Fillmore(MBL), Finney(MYL), Franco(MYL), Freesia(FBL), Fresco(MYL), and Fuji(FYL).
           2nd Litter: Sire - Jolt (YL). Pups - Velda (FBL), Verbena (FBL), Vesta (FYL), Vimka (FYL), Vikram (MBL), Vladimir (MBL), Volt (MBL), and Vondra (FYL)
      Hibachi (BLF): Donated  

Arrival/Transfer Date: June 10, 2011
Recall Date: Never gonna happen
Career Change Date: August 11, 2011
Official Adoption Date: August 29, 2011

Status: My spoiled pet and GDB Pet Ambassador