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Meet the Pack


Arwen's Stats
Female Golden Retriever

DOB: January 2, 2002
Mother: Brandy (Now passed)
Father: Jake
Siblings: 4 Females and 3 Males
     Lloyd is the only name I know as he went with a family friend

Status: Beloved pet who helps me raise these naughty puppies


Rosie's Stats
Female Labradoodle (Australian)

DOB: July 21, 2010
Mother: Brandy (Rainbows End Bandy)
Father: "Casper" (Angel's Heavan's Glow)

Siblings: 2 Females and 5 Males
     Don't know any other names

Status: A Naughty puppy herself, but we like to think she's a lovely pet. :)


Mia's Stats:
Female Tuxedo Cat

Full Name: Amelia Madeline Anne Michelle Victoria Mary Beaureguard I...but I just call her Mia

DOB: No clue...she's a rescue kitty
Mother: Probably some tuxedo cat
Father: Again, probably a tuxedo cat

Joined our family, I believe, in 2005. She's a little insane...well a little more than a little and she thinks she's a dog. She also like to talk to fairies...


Sylvester's Stats
Male Tuxedo Cat

Full Name: Sylvester MacKitty MacBean (contrary to popular belief he was not named after the Loony Tunes cartoon cat Sylvester of Sylvester and Tweety, but the Dr. Seuss character from "The Sneeches" Sylvester McMonkey McBean)

DOB: He's another rescue kitty. He was found in a box with his brothers and sisters on the train tracks in Knoxville, TN (I used to spend my summers there with my mom and then when she moved back to California she couldn't keep him so I brought him home)
Mother: Either a tuxedo cat or a stripped one
Father: Again, either a tuxedo or a stipped

Fun fact, for a while there the vet wasn't sure if he was male or female because his...well his mini boys didn't drop when they were suppose to. He had emerald green eye which also happened to be crossed. He had the most annoying meow ever and I loved it. He loved to cuddle.

Sadly, Sylvester went missing at the end of November 2010. :( Happily he came back the second week of January 2011!!!!!! :D

Sylvester passed away due to Feline Leukemia on December 11, 2011. He will be missed.


Lucy's Stats
Female Long Haired Tuxedo Cat

DOB: I don't know
Mother: Not too sure
Father: some drifter I'm sure

One thing you must know about Lucy; she hates all other animals. Loves people, but other animals she wants to kill. The puppies learn very quickly to stay away from her unless they want a scratch on their nose.