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Friday, June 15, 2012

2 Hours with Rachel

About a week ago I had the opportunity to watch a little 8 week old puppy for a couple of hours. The raiser needed a sitter for the whole weekend, but I wasn't available Saturday or Sunday so I said that I could watch her for an afternoon if she couldn't find anyone to do the whole weekend. It turns out that she had two separate things to do so it worked out well for me to take her last Friday for a couple of hours.

Again, the only thing I knew before the puppy came to my house was that she was a female 8 week old puppy. What I got was an adorable golden retriever named RACHEL. She was super tiny and super cuddly.  I kinda wished that she could stay the whole weekend, but I had a fun weekend with friends.
Rachel walking toward the camera
Rachel standing in an alert stance when she heard barking on the TV
Rachel chewing on the bunny
Rachel turning away form the camera with her eyes closed
Rachel is a dark golden retriever who is not as fluffy as others, but still a fuzzball
A closeup of Rachels face with the bunny in her mouth

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