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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Frozen Dog Treats

Note: I'd like to say that it has taken me over a week to post this. I started writing it back when I was still visiting my mom and every time I sat down to finish it someone said, let's go here or let's do this. It was frustrating. But here it is and soon will come my post from Fun Day!
Well, you've all heard me talk about Hilly's sensative stomach. She is allergic to beef, pork, and chicken. The chicken thing has always confused me because it is suppose to be something that you feed your pups when they have an upset tummy. I thought it might just be chicken food so when she was Career Changed I gave her a piece of some plain, boiled chicken. Guess who had to clean doggie vomit up not fifteen minutes later. This girl. Lessoned learned; no chicken for Hilly. The only base foods I have found that won't make her stool loose is lamb or salmon, but only certain brands.

Now, her stomach is doing much better. I mean, almost completely solid stools everyday. I don't think anyone knows how happy this makes me. And I know that it's a weird thing to be happy about. Maybe even to other puppy raisers who haven't had to deal with a puppy with constant loose stools. But for me, who had three puppies with super sensative tummies and a pet golden with the same problem (I did look into the whole "it being in the water" thing), this is something that makes me very excited.

She still can't handle much. Only duck or lamb treats that are store bought, but she can have carrots, cheese, and peanut butter and other homemad, all natural treats. This is frustrating and good all at the same time. All of the dogs get healthy treats, but we can't go out and buy treats willy nilly nor can we give the other dogs scraps of boiled chicken without finding something for Hilly to get as well.

In light of finding something that all the dogs can eat and considering the fact that Hilly and Rosie run to the refridgerator when they hear the ice maching I decided to make some frozen treats for them.

The first kind I made were peanut butter and low-fat yogurt treats at my mom's house. Hilly super approves of these treats! And so does the little dog Boo and the kitty Curley.
Three frozen peanut butter and yogurt treats in the shapes of a starfish, a hear, and a fish

Hilly with a starfish shaped treat
Hilly eating the starfish shaped treat

Hilly almost stole Boo's fish shaped treat

And then Curley the cat almost stole his treat. We ended up giving Curley his own treats after that.

The second came from a recipe that Mimi posted on her blog last year. It's vegetable stock (I tried to find low sodium but my local supermarket just didn't have it) with low-fat yogurt and a duck treat in the middle. All three of my pups really, really like it. My mom, back when I was visiting her, froze chicken broth and gave it to Boo. Of course Hilly couldn't have any of that, but Boo and Curley really seemed to like it.


  1. Ah, Hosta was the same way. Only salmon d/d food for him or uh - oh! Luckily, Hill's gives us even the prescription diet for free!! How neat to find some home made frozen treats that even Hilly can have! I now want to try those with Ellie (Merlot/Clara wouldn't be allowed to have them)

  2. Rei is the same way, she is severely allergic to chicken and chicken products (eggs) scratching, chewing her self raw etc...!

  3. Cabela has that problem with turkey.


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