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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Upon Reflection

So, when my landlord gave me my answer he was over in person to look at some mold that was appearing in my flatmate's room. I was also in the middle of washing the dishes in between studying for two exams this week. So, I guess I was in sort of numb shock. I was so hoping he would say yes. And foolishly I had visions of my birthday gift to me being an email to my supervisor putting in for a puppy as soon as he could get me one. Guess I will settle for some material possession.

Even though I have two more exams in this next week, today was my second one for this week and I finally had time to really think about it. And, I'm confused and sad. Obviously I am sad because I will have no puppy. But also because German Shepherd. *sad face* Now I'm just hoping that GDB back home starts using them again. Haha! We'll see. What confuses me the most is his answer to why he didn't want me to raise. He said, "We just don't think a dog belongs in student residence."

Now, that's fair enough. Really and truly I understand that. You don't know if someone will move in in a few years time that is allergic to dogs or they could ruin the carpet and the students can do that already. But, it makes no sense to use that argument when he's allowing me to board. I've had a puppy here every month. Usually it is just Frankie, but with the prospect of different puppies with different relieving habit coming in and out of the house I just don't see the logical grounds for the argument.

I mean, he came to fix the boiler when I was out and I had left Major home because he would relieve and you always avoid situations where there will definitely be an accident and he didn't even realise that I was on a puppy sit because we keep the house so clean.

I'm not going to bring this up to him because that would be like looking a gift horse in the mouth and I might just get it taken away from me. And obviously, it's his decision as it's his house so I'm not going to push it or anything. So, I'm not complaining. I'm just very confused.

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