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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lil' Miss Perfect

Dulcie (a.k.a. Dulcie Doodle Doo) has been home for almost two weeks now and all I have been getting are stellar reports.
Dulcie's sweet face. She's sticking her little tongue out.
She is mostly sleeping through the night and has been since the second night. She does get up once around midnight to go out to pee, but then goes straight back into her kennel and sleeps until 6:30am when Mary gets up to get ready for work. For a 12 weeks old puppy, this is wonderful.

She's also getting comfortable on the tie-down. I heard that she had a little issue with staying on the tie-down on the first day, but after that initial day she is fine on it. At her first day of work with Mary she slept on the tie down all day. Mary said she was such a good, good girl!
Dulcie sleeping on her tie-down. She's got her butt against the wall and her hind feet up the wall. 
Dulcie sleeping on the tie down at work.

Dulcie also went on her first official outing this past week. They went out to dinner at a pizza place and she slept at under the table the whole time.

And she went up and down the stairs at her first puppy meeting last Tuesday! And she didn't have any accidents while out either!
Dulcie going up the stairs
Dulcie going down the stairs

I might have gone and jinxed everything now by bragging about it and she might turn into a monster when she officially transfers to me in a little over a week, but gosh darn it! I'm super proud of her. I mean, I haven't even met her yet and I'm totally in love with her.
Dulcie playing with her favourite toy (the Jolly ball) with a "I'm too cool for school" expression

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  1. What a sweetie! I'm raising my fourth and he just turned 16 weeks so close in age! Follow me if you would like! :)


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