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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back to Scotland

I've been absent as of late. Mostly because blogger has been in a poopy mood and that has made me frustrated. And I'm not terribly productive when I'm frustrated.

My last two weeks with Dulcie went well, but went by far too quickly for my liking. She really is just a stellar puppy and I know that she is going to go far in her life. Luckily, she is still with Mary and my puppy group back home. I'm very happy that I'll get to go home to my littlest golden girl when I go home during the winter break. Though, I won't say that it wasn't hard to leave her. I do miss my pupperdoodle. And on the 14th she turned 6 months old! She's a whole half a year old now. To celebrate, some pictures! I took these pictures a day or two before before I dropped her off with Mary, so about 2 weeks before her 6 month day.

Dulcie lying in the grass outside with her puppy jacket
Dulcie sitting outside with her jacket
Dulcie sitting outside with her jacket
Dulcie sitting outside with her jacket
Head shot of Dulcie with her jacket
My last 3 weeks with Hilly went by equally too fast. I really love that little black lab and there isn't a day that goes by that I regret my decision to adopt her as my pet...even when her food costs nearly $100 a bag. She has started to feel much better since being on prescription food and medicated ear flushes. Luckily, the last time we went to the doggie dermatologist there was no more bacterial fluid in her ears...just gunk. So she'll have to have flushes for a while and will continue on the prescription food until we can find an over the counter food that she can tolerate. She's allergic to poultry so that might be a challenge since chicken is a cheap protein which you can find in almost every single over the counter food whether it's actual chicken or a byproduct of it.

Hilly outside with her Ambassador scarf
Hilly got a new hedgehog and she loved it
Hilly lying on her back on the couch
Hilly lying on her back in her favorite spot between the fireplace and the writing desk
I definitely miss these two and my old golden girl, Arwen. Hilly and Arwen were definitely unhappy when they saw the suitcase come out. I guess there won't be many more times that I have to take out the suitcase and make them unhappy.

So, new term here in Aberdeen and a couple of new puppies. One of which is an 11 month old yellow lab/golden cross named Quinn. He's a transfer puppy and, from what I've been told, a very sweet boy. I was going to wait until I was fully adjusted to the time zone to take him for a little, but my friends needed to go out of town (they are picking up one of their puppies who has just retired from Guiding) so they are dropping him off tomorrow evening and I'll keep him until Sunday. I'm excited to meet him!

And there will be another puppy too! But I will post on that tomorrow. Just to keep you guessing.

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