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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Quinner Quinner Chicken Dinner. Quinn-B. Q.
Quinn in a bow position playing with a toy on a free run
These are the nicknames I have for Quinn. He's such a character while still being a mellow dude.
Quinn lying in the grass with a toy
He's a little on the softer side. I imagine that he would have been absolutely fine on the bus to work, but they cancelled the bus to and from work. There is a University Shuttle that I could take...but I have to have my student card to use it and unfortunately I can't find my student card at this point in time. And it seems to run at funky times. Anyway, we walked to work and while Frankie was calm, cool, and collected, Quinn needed a little more encouragement. He was fine perfectly fine in the end and even had a bounce to his step.
Quinn rolling around in the grass with his toy
He is absolutely stellar when out. I mean, he was darn near perfect at work. The only issue he has is some house behaviors. He got up on my bed quite a few times to get to a stuffed animal or my pajama bottoms. So, he got his household freedom privileges taken away. And he likes to play keep-a-way. For those of you who don't know, keep-a-way is a big no no.
Quinn in front of the flower beds in Seaton. Handsome boy.
Think about it. He goes on to be a guide dog and takes his person's socks or shoes and puts them in a different place or takes a piece of paper and won't give it back. Not good behaviors for any dog, but especially bad for guide dogs. He's working on it and I'm sure that he'll do just fine.

He turned a year old on Friday! So, turn in is just around the corner for him. I don't know if he and I will bond like Frankie and I did, but he's a good boy and I definitely like him.
Quinn on his walk near River Don

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