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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to my two January boys!

Rocco turned four years old on January 20th. As far as I know he's still working as a Guide Dog, but I haven't heard from his partner since just after graduation. While I miss him, I know he's well loved and right where he needs to be.
Rocco (yellow lab) in his harness when he graduated in August 2011.

Frankie turned two on January 28th. He's just graduated as Guide in September and still doing well. No surprise there of course. We haven't heard anything from his partner, but that's OK since he is also well loved and right where he needs to be. We were told that it would be a bad idea to visit again even if invited since he's such a baby boy and very attached.
Frankie (yellow lab / golden cross) in his training harness
I miss both of these boys very much and I hope they got the spoiling they so rightfully deserve on their special day!

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