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Friday, February 14, 2014

Yes, I Talk to my Dog

I get looks a the time out on the street and in buildings, classrooms, the office, etc. Why? Because I talk to my puppy. Not just "Good boy/girl!" when they've done something good. I actually hold conversations with my puppy. Obviously, their end of the conversation is all imaginary but I do say my part of the conversation out loud. Especially when I'm walking with them. It gets pretty boring, so having a conversation, even with a puppy, takes away some of the boredom.

So, this was the conversation that Marco and I had yesterday. Keep in mind, Aberdeen gets very blustery in the winter months.

Me: Marco, leave!
Marco: Yes Erin, those are leaves! Aren't the so cool when the blow in the wind like that?
Me: No Marco. I mean that you need to leave them alone and let them go about their business ok?
Marco: Oh, ok...But Erin?
Me: Yes Marco?
Marco: I REALLY don't want to.

I'm hoping that other raisers out there understand because otherwise I'd feel crazy.

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