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Monday, May 19, 2014

Legacy Puppy

So, my very own puppy is going to have to wait for a little longer. Why? I'll tell you why and I couldn't be more excited about the reason.

Remember when I posted that KENO became PWAP's very first ever breeder after having been an organized club for ten years? Well, his first litter was born on May 1st and the Momma dog is a female black lab named Disney (cute name huh?). Keno's raiser was battling back and forth about whether or not she would raise one of Keno's puppies because she goes to school and she's never had a puppy younger than 6 months because of this. I extended my services and said that I would be more than willing to co-raise with or fully raise one of these puppies for her until he/she was old enough to be with her full time. She finally made the decision about a week ago and we have been assigned a puppy from Keno and Disney's litter!

I'm excited about this for two reasons. First, Keno was an awesome puppy! Seriously, he was such a mellow yellow fellow. And super cute. Second, Disney is an Atrus puppy. For those of you who don't know my second puppy, Rocco, is also an Atrus puppy. Which means I'll have Rocco's half niece for a little while.

The little pup will be ready to come to Fresno at the end of June and I'll still be in Aberdeen until the beginning of August. So, Keno's raiser will have the little one for a full month before I take over and then I'll have the pup until early November. I'm very excited about being able to help her raise one of Keno's babies.

So, assignment!

Female Black Lab, Letter "Q"

Ok, so there are three reasons I'm excited. Female black lab! I love them little black labbie girls!

Ok, ok. There are four reasons. Miss "Q" will be PWAP's very first "legacy puppy". I think that's pretty cool.

Alright, five reasons. How cool is the letter "Q"? I've got one of the interesting letters now (and because I know one of the raisers of the parents I've been subtly suggesting names *wink*).

Maybe I'm just all around excited.

After Miss "Q" goes back to Keno's raiser in November, I'm not too sure what I'll be doing. I'm hoping that Dulcie becomes a breeder and if she does then I will wait until her first litter is born to get my next one. If she is spayed, then I will put in for a different puppy. I figure since Hilly gets her female black lab in Miss "Q" then my next one will be another female golden. (For those of you who don't know Hilly doesn't really like any of the puppies in training unless they are black labs. Well, she actually plays with the black labs. I know, I know. It's weird.) But who knows!? I sure don't, but I'm very excited to see where this next year takes me.

Even though I won't be there to pick up Miss "Q" or see her when she's a very little baby, I'm SO excited to see pictures.

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