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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Dog Mothers who are a part of the GDB Breeding colony! You've given me three wonderful pups!
 Retired Mama BELLE (Freya)
Belle, a retired black lab breeder
 Mommy PEACH (Rocco) 
Peach, a yellow lab breeder
 Mother AQUA (Hilly)
Aqua, a black lab breeder
 And Happy Mother's Day to the new breeders!

Miss REANN (Rocco's sister)
Reann, a yellow lab breeder
 Miss HESTIA (Hilly's sister)
Hestia, a black lab breeder
Belle's Litters:
1. Sire: Neo (BL) DOB: 4/29/2006
Pups: Sahara (BL) - CC'd, Sangria (BL) - CC'd, Sarabelle (BL) - CC'd, Sentinel (BL) - Guide, Sheffield (BL) - Guide, Sierra (BL) - CC'd, Sola (BL) - Guide, and Sully (YL) - CC'd
2. Sire: Norbert (BL) DOB: 7/10/2007
Pups: Dennison (BL) - Guide, DeSoto (BL) - Guide, Destiny (BL) - CC'd, Diamond (BL) - Guide, and Diva (YL) - Guide
3. Sire: Dylan (BL) DOB: 10/11/2008
Pups: Falla (BL) - Guide, Faulding (BL) - CC'd, Foothill (BL) - CC'd, Freeway (BL) - Guide, and FREYA (BL) - Guide
4. Sire: Jay (BL) DOB: 2/3/2010
Pups: Eaton (BL) - Guide, Eli (BL) - CC'd, Elmer (BL) - CC'd, Enrique (BL) - CC'd, Epic (YL) - Guide, Esprit (BL) - CC'd, and Estee (Breeder)

Peach's Litters:
1. Sire: Atrus (YL) DOB: 1/20/2010
Pups: Reann (YL) - Breeder, Regina (YL) - CC'd, Rocco (YL) - Guide, Rocky (YL) - Guide, and Romy (YL) - CC'd
2. Sire: Flamenco (BL) DOB: 8/21/2010
Pups: Keanu (BL) - ?, Kensington (BL) - IFT, Kia (BL) - Guide, Kipton (YL) - CC'd, and Kyla (YL) - CC'd

Aqua's Litters:
1. Sire: Dylan (BL) DOB: 3/23/2010
Pups: Halette (BL) - Guide, Hana (BL) - CC'd, Hanalei (BL) - CC'd/Assistant Dog, Havasu (BL) - CC'd, Hermes (BL) - Guide, Hestia (BL) - Breeder, Hibachi (BL) - Donated or CC'd, and Hilly (BL) - CC'd/Pet Ambassador
2. Sire: David (BL) DOB: 5/25/2011
Pups: Shannon (BL) - PIT, Schneider (BL) - PIT, Spruce (BL) - PIT and 5 others

Reann's Litters:
1. Sire: Alonzo (BL) DOB: 11/27/2011
Pups: Becky (BL) - PIT, Brie (BL) - PIT, Brooke (BL) - PIT and 2 others

Hestia's Litter:
1. Sire: Joplin (YL) DOB: 3/11/2012
Pups: Farley (?) - PIT, Fienna (?) - PIT, Filmore (BL) - PIT, Finney (YL) - PIT, Franko (?) - PIT, Freesia (?) - PIT, Fuji (?) - PIT and 1 other the name of which I cannot remember

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  1. I can see why they were all chosen as breeders. They're beautiful (especially Reann, just because she looks a lot like Cabana).


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