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Thursday, May 17, 2012

PWAP Update

So, I suppose it's time for another PWAP update. I know it hasn't been that long since I last posted, but quite a bit has happened since I last updated on the club.

First off, a few days after TIPPIN went into phase 8 we got news that she was in class. She graduated on May 12 with a woman who lives really close to us. I was super excited to hear that she had graduated. She was such a nice puppy and I'm so happy that she's out there working. I don't have any pictures of her in harness, but hopefully there will be some up on the facebook page soon.

Now, PWAP has gotten two new puppies. The first is DARRELL. He's a half and half Lab/Golden cross born to Simon and Tess. Jealous? I sure am. He's super cute. It makes me miss my little Indie. But  every time I get sad/jealous I just remember that it's not my time to raise a puppy right now and I'm OK with that. I get to help with Frankie at any time his raisers need a break and, while I'm at University, that can be enough for me.
Darrell, a yellow lab/golden cross
The second puppy is the one I'm most excited about. She was a surprise puppy and came in yesterday. Her name is FIENNA. Does that name sound familiar? Well, it should. It was on my Mother's Day post. Have you figured it out yet? That's right! She's Hestia's puppy! I'm so excited that one of her puppies ended up in my group. I hope that Hilly and I get to spend some time with her while I'm home this July. Gotta say, more jealous about this one. Haha!
Fienna, a black lab
Oh yes, that's another thing. I'm going home for a month in July which I am pretty excited about. I can't wait to see my Hilly girl.

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