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Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Photos of Freya

I love getting photos from Freya and her family. Absolutely LOVE it! I especially loved these as they show how far Freya has really come since she was a puppy. Freya was my love and she took a piece of my heart with her. But I wouldn't trade getting these pictures for anything in the world.
Freya taking a rest with her doggie friends. That's right. A REST.
Freya playing with her doggie friends.
Freya laying down with her doggie friend. That's right. LAYING DOWN.
One of my absolute favourites. Freya on her back being held by Mr.L.

Also, speaking of my pups. I had a Skype call with my father and even though I got my webcam and microphone fixed, Skype still wasn't letting me turn on my video (I'm a little annoyed). So my dad propped the tablet on the floor next to Hilly and Arwen while we talked. They came up to the tablet and sniffed and Hilly started wagging her tail a few times. I think it's fair to say my dad knows me well.


  1. What fun photos! Freya looks really good, healthy, good weight, glossy coat. And it's great she has doggy friends to romp around with. I can understand why you love getting photos of her.


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