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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frankie Update #1

Woohoo! After waiting patiently waiting sitting by the phone checking the phone every ten minutes to make sure I hadn't missed a text or call for a whole week a two days Frankie's raisers finally got a little news about Frankie and how he was doing up at the campus and shared it with me.

They got a call from his trainer and she told them that she had taken him out to work a couple of times already. In the first week they usually just play with the puppy and get the settled into kennel life. But, I guess Frankie wasn't patient himself and just wanted to get out and get working. He also has a kennel mate. I don't have a name or anything, but know that his kennel mate is a female German Shepherd.

This is all excellent news! It means that he has settled really quickly into kennel life and that he is eager to get out and work! Good boy Frankie!

Remember, Erin loves you.

Frankie as a baby puppy. He is walking toward the camera.
What I miss #1: If you look really hard at the picture above (the lighting is kind of terrible) you can see his little "racing stripe" on his head. I loved his little "racing stripe."

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