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Saturday, March 16, 2013

PWAP Update

Just a quick PWAP update. This weekend we see both NEVADA and MARLEY off for formal training. Nevada got on the puppy truck yesterday when Candie picked up her newest puppy and Mary will be driving Marley up the campus tomorrow. Good luck to these two Goldens! They are just such awesome puppies.

NAPA went into season and threw off her recall date as she had to be up at campus for boarding until she came out of season which would have overlapped with her initial recall date. Luckily, she went into season right as a string of dogs were going in for formal training and the puppy raising and breeding departments were able to get her into Breeder Evals that week! So, she is currently going through week 4 of Breeder Evals instead of just starting them this weekend. That's definitely great for her raisers since Breeder Evals is a black hole and can take a long time anyway. We are currently working under the assumption that "no news is good news." Hoping for PWAP's very first breeder!

Currently ELI, TITUS, and HANK are all in phase 8 of formal training. That's the very last phase which means that they are all just waiting for their perfect match. So proud of these boys! Maybe they'll all graduate together and save the members of PWAP some gas money. Haha!

Yesterday we welcomed two new puppies off the puppy truck. Candie received a male yellow lab golden cross born on January 13, 2013 to Picasso and Toffee. His name is GALLOWAY and he is a fluffy one! He's super cute and I just can't wait to meet him! Keno was transferred to Alicia so Jen also welcomed a new puppy. She received a transfer girl, NEDRA. Nedra is a female black half lab half golden cross born on September 13, 2012 to Denzel and Jingle! She is also super cute! Can't wait to meet her either.
Galloway and Candie 
Nedra just off the puppy truck

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