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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Puppy Sitting Benji

This past week I have been puppy sitting a 6 month old black lab/golden retriever cross named Benji. He was such a wonderful puppy to have around during my spring break. He was so mellow and, frankly, a little lazy. Sometimes, he wouldn't even get up to get pets and love.

It was a little weird for me. I have never had what anyone would call an "easy" or "mellow" puppy. Even during a puppy sit. This was my very first experience. Needless to say, I was a little bored with him for the first few days. He was interested in the leaves blowing in the wind and birds and other dogs, but I just had to say "leave it" (not even firmly sometimes) or put very, very slight pressure on his collar and he was back on focus. It was...just weird. But after a few days he became a little more comfortable around the house and at the office and his personality came through a little more. He was still an easy, lazy, mellow boy, but he definitely had a silly side as well. Really, he was a nice puppy to have around. But I don't think I could have such an easy puppy full time. Well, maybe I could. I would probably get attached to the puppy the longer they stayed around. And if the puppy was a absolutely adorable as Benji, I'm sure I could get over it.

Saying that, he did have one issue; filth eating. He didn't exhibit this behaviour in the first few days, but around Wednesday he started eating other dogs'...waste...when we went on our free runs. I tried a few things and he got a little better, but it really was the only time he didn't listen at all. And he didn't do it on lead either. At least there was a little bit of a challenge. I made sure that his raisers were aware of it and they were. They said it started recently and that it only happened occasionally and that they were working on it. He really is such a good boy though that I imagine he'll get it eventually. 

He left yesterday. And, while I do like having a puppy around, it was nice to sleep in for as long as I wanted this morning. Especially since it was snowing outside when I did wake up. Totally ready for spring to get here. 

Benji in the living room sitting like a good boy

Benji running with a toy in his mouth. All four paws are off the ground in this one.
Benji in front of the topiary at the park. Tradition to take a picture of the puppy here.
Benji playing. His bouncing with the toy in his mouth. 
Benji running towards me at the park.
Benji sitting in the grass on the one pleasant day we had.
Benji at work on his blanket under my desk. 
Handsome boy Benji posing in front of the blue, clear skies. 
Benji on the River Don path yesterday morning before leaving.
Benji up on a hill. Benji like to climb and bound up the hills.
No new news on Frankie as of yet. he's been gone for a little over a month so I'm hoping to hear a little something more in the next couple of weeks. Also no news on when they will be getting their new puppy and in return I will have a steady puppy sitting gig.

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