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Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Puppy Raiser's Favorite Word


Dulcie turns 16 weeks old today, but since today is the 4th of July we took her to get her "big girl" shots yesterday afternoon. 
Dulcie sitting on the vet's exam table being all cute and such. 

She weighed about 26.4lbs! My goodness what a big girl! Almost 27lbs at 16 weeks old. At this point we still carry in the puppies so it's no wonder my arms were feeling a little weak and tired by the time we got her into the exam room. 

She did so well during the whole exam, though she did look a little upset when they stuck the thermometer where the sun don't shine. I can understand though. It is a little undignified. And she wasn't really concerned at all by the dogs going nuts in the waiting room. In fact she was a little distracted! (Oh no! Not another one!) But she did just lie there and let the vet love on her and touch her and check up on her. So, she's all up to date on the shots and now we just need to wait a week for the vaccines to kick in. So ready for that!

Dulcie was also born with a little heart murmur. A few of the pups in the littler also had one, but theirs had all been cleared up by their 12 week shots. Dulcie's had not. (Cue the freak out) So, she had to get that checked up on yesterday. The vet spent so long sitting there listening to her heart and, of course, this means that I started thinking that it had gotten worse. The vet finally stands up and says that she can't hear anything even though she was really trying to! Hooray! I'm so happy that it has cleared itself up not only because this means that I won't have to send her up to Guide Dogs for a week for a cardiology exam but also because she's still in the running to become a Breeder! (For those of you who don't know, I've always wanted a Breeder and both of my girls were on watch because their parents were prolific but both were cut due to being bad too much dog.)

Dulcie, Hilly, and I went to LA this past week to visit my mother and stepdad and I have a couple of pictures and stories that I will post later, but I really had to share the good news about Dulcie! 

She's still such a good, good puppy. 

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  1. So Dulcie will stay with you to keep breeding new pups?


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