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Saturday, April 19, 2014

A New Journey Coming Soon

Yesterday marked 2 weeks until my honours level dissertation is due. After that all I have left is final exams at the end of May and then my undergraduate University career will come to an end on July 10, 2014 when I graduate. It always shocks me how quickly the past 4 years have gone by. It seemed like forever away when I arrived in Aberdeen in September 2010. But forever has come...maybe a little too soon. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life when I started and now I have a clear path erm, idea rather, of what I want to do. What is totally out of the blue though is that I'm heading back to my home town. Gosh, I never thought that I would ever want to go back. But I do. And while I'm not looking forward to saying good-bye to Aberdeen I am looking forward to going back for a gap year while I apply for graduate schools (and try to convince the American schools that I'm NOT an international student).

Which brings me to my next journey.

I turned in my puppy application for August 2014. I can't believe that I'm actually going to start again. I know I've done bits and pieces here and there but to actually have my own puppy again is terribly exciting. I've loved my summer puppies (Hilly and Dulcie) and my Scottish Lads (Frankie, Quinn, and Marco) but I'm very excited to have a full time puppy again.

I'm excited to get back to GDB. There have been so many changes to the puppy raising scheme since I was a full time raiser and I'm very excited to learn all the new tools GDB has introduced.

I'm looking forward to my next venture, but soaking up all the time I have left here in the...well the rain. But, I love the city of Aberdeen.

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