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Monday, March 21, 2011

14 Months

Yesterday Rocco turned 14 months old. How time flies. I know that they haven't heard anything about his recall date yet. I'm not too sure when I'm hoping it will be. If he gets recalled between April and June there's a good chance that he will graduate before I leave California to come back to Scotland (I know, I know. Going to California for the summer then back to Scotland for the winter doesn't seem like a good idea, but I'm working with what I'm giving.) Then there's always the possibility that his recall won't come until the middle of June when I'm home for the Summer Holiday. I would love to be there for his recall, but that could possibly mean that I won't be able to see him graduate. If I had to choose between recall day and graduation I would choose graduation a million times over. As soon as I know his recall date, even if it's a tentative one, you will know. Below are some pictures from the meeting at the airport this past Tuesday. His new puppy group, my group, and the other group in our town got together at the airport to teach the puppies how to go through security. Rocco didn't get to go through security, but he was interviewed by local news stations. :-)

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