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Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Volunteer Fundraising Pack

A few days ago I got my fundraising pack from GDB. I was very, very excited when I got it and wanted to tell you guys all about it right when I got it in the mail, but I've been so busy this week. But that just means that I get to show you guys just what was in my packet instead of doing a really quick, little post the day I got it. So, here we go:

The front cover
Inside the front cover there's a little thank you note from a Guide Dog
Fancy huh?
My numerous reading materials to get me started in fundraising
Some suggestions and guidelines for fundraising
More suggestions and some info about what the fundraising team does
Two of the brochures. (L) gives information on how to lead a blind person and (R) is about how you can apply to get a Guide Dog and how you qualify
These three are all about different ways I can fund raise. I like some of the ideas and might borrow a dog from a friend to "Go for Walkies" to raise money.

This is the one I'm particularly interested in. You can Name a Puppy as a way to raise money. Meaning that I give them so much money and I get to name one of the puppies and throughout its life as a PIT I would get pictures and report cards and get to meet the puppy on different occasions. It's a lot of money though.
(L) Invites to Fundraiser and (R) Tickets to Fundraisers

Info on how I get the money to GDB
Really cool paper. I'm not sure what it's for, but I'm probably going to be making copies of it.
Hey Look! More guidelines and regulations concerning fundraising.
Finally, a business card for the regional developer
It's even in Braille
So, yep! I'm finally a part of GDB here. It definitely feels good, even if I don't have a puppy to raise right now. I'm hoping that I don't have to take a 4 year break from it. I miss having a puppy, but what is suppose to be will be I suppose. There's a fundraising meeting on the 5th of April. It'll take me an hour to walk to the place, but I'm definitely going. Hopefully there will be a few puppy raisers there and I can love on a puppy and get my dog fix. I run into a dog walking up High Street occasionally. His name is Alfie and he LOVES attention. I stop every time I see him and talk to his owner (shame I don't know her name) and love on him. He always give me kisses. He's a great dog fix as he's so sweet, but I haven't seen him in a few days.


  1. Very cool! Good luck with your fundraising, and keep us updated.


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