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Friday, March 4, 2011

Say It Ain't So

So, this was my thought process when I went to the PAWS website and looked at their "Puppies in Training" section;


Do you all see the puppy that shouldn't be there!? That's right! I was shocked too! I mean APRIL!? They'd only be...like...15 MONTHS!?!?!?!? When did that happen!? *starts to hyperventilate* Seriously, what am I going to do? I *most likely* won't be there with Rocco when he's recalled for training. How is going to know how much I love him and how much I need him to behave and be good and race through his training?

They're too young I say!

See? He hasn't even grown into his paws yet!


  1. Crazy! That's really sad that you might miss his recall!!!
    Yesterday I got a letter stating that Dembre will return in August-- three months prior to his original turn-in date. I lose three months, but I think he'll be ready.

  2. My recent experience is the opposite. All along I mentally prepared myself for Kyle to be recalled around 15 months...basically right now. Imagine my surprise to find out that he gets to stay with me for 2 1/2 more months. I think a lot depends on where you live. It's a lot harder to turn in a Utah puppy than a California or Oregon puppy because of the distance.

    If Rocco's recall is before you return, I hope he graduates quickly so that you can at least see him then. :)

  3. How did they know about the April list? I just found out about the March list.

  4. awww i hope they hold roccos recall date back till you get here. Im guessing if rocco and his litter are going in April medford might be joining them during that time or not long after

  5. Fingers and Paws crossed Rocco isn't on the May recall. (You'll be back by June right?)


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