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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Puppy Class

You guys might be looking at the title of this post and think, "Erin, you've been a puppy raiser for 3 years now. How is this your FIRST puppy class?" To answer your question, today was my first puppy class in Scotland.

Now, I've mentioned on here that I finally found a place to live and that my landlady was so nice and was letting me raise a puppy while leasing with her. I figured that since it was now a "for sure" thing that I should see about going to a puppy class or two. Luckily for me I met someone in a shopping centre, then again at the fundraising meeting who is really nice and very willing to give me rides to puppy classes and other events.

So, today I went with James and...I believe her name is Alice (?) to their local puppy class. Their puppy classes are held once a month (so a little different than the once a week I am use to). James turned in his last dog, Denzel, about two months ago and picked up his new little guy, Vale (pronounced like "Val-ay"), about two weeks ago. Vale is a special puppy because James sponsored him which means he got to name Vale. Vale is a cute little guy. I got to have some puppy lovin' today as he kissed my nose and played with me (I'll let you know later on the other puppy lovin' I got). Alice's(?) puppy is Bailey. She's an adorable yellow lab with such a spirit.

I got to handle Bailey all through the class. She's really a wonderful puppy and is just so eager to please. She reminds me a little of Freya...only not quite as dog distracted. It was a little different than I was used to, but Bailey was such a good girl.

Now, after the first class was over there was coffee and biscuits served. I took this advantage to go over to the baby, 8 week old German Shepherd puppy who came in near the end of the first class (he's in the second class). I can't remember the pup's name, but OH. MY. GOODNESS. He was just adorable. It confirmed my feelings of wanting to request a German Shepherd for the fall. That is until I saw the Golden Retriever/Black Flat Coated Retriever mix. Oh Gosh! He was adorable. So, now I know what two breeds to request. They were both so cute and I can't do either in the states so those are the two I'm aiming for. :-)

There was also an adorable 7 week old golden puppy named Woody. Goodness, he was a doll.

Anyway, I had so much fun and I really felt like I was in my element. I was told I behaved myself (I didn't piddle on the floor, I wasn't too dog distracted, I did was I was told...) so I was welcome back. I also received a little praise about how well I handled Bailey and that she was considered a handful. To be honest, I didn't think she was all that much of a handful.

I'm so excited about going back after my summer holiday is over and I've definitely decided to try this raising thing here. How could I miss an opportunity to raise a Shepherd. And I realised this is what I've been missing and why I haven't felt completely at home. I need a puppy.

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