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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week Stretch

We're a little past the "it's a week exactly" mark, but we're still in the week long stretch. I can't believe his recall is this weekend. It seems like such a short time ago that he was a chubby puppy being placed in my arms in the GDB kennel kitchen.

Rocco really enjoyed baseball when he was with me. He loved the attention he got from the fans and I think he really enjoyed getting to sleep outside instead of inside while people around him cheered on our team. I hope when he graduates he goes to someone who also love baseball.


  1. Which campus is Rocco going to? I love the idea of our boys meeting up in Oregon. Recall stinks, but the excitement of them progressing makes up for it! :)

  2. He's going to California. Most puppies raised in California (or at least the valley) go to the California campus. Much less of a drive for all of us. :) I thought about it too, hoping that Kyle and Kendrick would get to see each other, but then I remembered that Kyle would be going to Oregon.


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