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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hilly's an Official Ambassador

Hilly at PWAP's fundraiser. She's laying down with her Pet Ambassador scarf on and being a very, very good girl.
Guess who is GDB's newest Pet Ambassador? That's right! HILLY!!!!!! I'm pretty excited that her pet ambassador scarf finally came. I'm also a little disappointed that I won't be there to take her to any fun Pet Ambassador gigs for a while. I'll be back over the summer but the jury is still out as to whether or not I'll be back over Winter Break. We'll see. At least I know that she's happy and healthy back home. I've been told she and Rosie play day and night, nonstop!

I don't have much to report about GDB over here. There hasn't been any more fundraising events since the last one and I'm still trying to stay strong and not put in a puppy app until January. I won't lie, it's getting harder by the day. Not only did little "Eli" arrive in the group two weeks ago but Meghan and Emily are getting another puppy in just three and a half weeks! Puppies, puppies everywhere but not a ball of fur to cuddle.


  1. YAY - congrats on Hilly's new role as a GDB ambassador!

  2. yay Hilly! and Erin, just put the app in already. You can always say no still... right? But you know you wanna do it......


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