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Thursday, October 13, 2011

A New Breeder!

I like going to the official Guide Dogs for the Blind blog occassionally to see if they've got the new littermate photos up from the whelping kennel. With the "Litter Announcements" is also a list of new breeder dogs that have been added to the GDB breeding colony.

The new Litter Announcements were added yesterday and I just got around to seeing them today. I took a look at the darn cute puppy photos which of course made me want a puppy all the more. Then I looked down at the new breeders list. First off I noticed the two puppies who graduated as Breeders this past weekend who were raised in the other group in my town. Just a little shout out to Medford (MLGX) and Heloise (FYL)! Also, Estee (FBL) who was from Belle's last litter ever was on the list too, but we all know that she was accepted as a Breeder. Then I skimmed the rest of the group, not thinking I would find anything interesting, but guess what name I noticed on the breeder list? No guesses? I'll just tell you then.


Reann is Rocco's sister, and I think looks a lot like Rocco. So far this litter has two Guides and one Breeder! Go "R"s!


  1. Just wait until next month! You will see Miss Hilly's sister officially pulled! She comes home as a breeder on Saturday! :)

  2. :D Hooray!!!!! Now I'll have three Mommas that I really want puppies from! That's so very exciting!


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