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Saturday, April 14, 2012

No Puppy for Erin

Well, it looks pretty official now. I don't think a puppy is in my near future. The landlord we are looking to rent with seems to be sticking with his decision of not allowing pets of any kind. I know. I could argue that a Guide Dog Puppy is not a pet and I could argue that with new "dog" technology it is possible to keep a dog and keep the house smelling relatively nice. Really, with the weekly cleaning of our house back home with 3 dogs and 2 cats my friends have said that they can tell that animals live there, but that it isn't overpowering and it definitely doesn't smell.

I know, I could argue all of these things but we want to make sure that we get the house first. If we prove to be good tenants and keep the house really clean...maybe he'll change his mind. I guess I could bring it up winter break of 2012-2013.

I am trying to work out starting a puppy here. It all depends on when we'd be moving in to the new place and when I want to be home over the summer. I guess I could apply for the GDB internship and that could decide when I'm home and if I could have a puppy over the summer.

We shall see...guess I'll just have to spend my time here puppy sitting as many puppies as possible.


  1. I'm sorry Erin, that is such a bummer :(

  2. Erin that is such a bummer!! You know if you get home early enough maybe you could start a puppy with PWAP!

  3. Erin, I'm so sorry you can't raise a pup in the UK. Maybe, you could come home for the summer and start a puppy or finish a puppy with PWAP :-)

  4. I'm sorry, Erin. I hope you can stay involved in other ways and that somehow something will work out for you to raise a puppy and have the international experience you want.


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