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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Miss "H" Comes Tomorrow!

I'll be honest here guys. I haven't allowed myself to get too excited about Little "H" up until now. I was waiting for something to fall through or for some tragedy to happen that would make it impossible for her to come. But we're in the home stretch now! Miss "H" will be home with Mary by this time tomorrow!! Really and truly, I can't wait to see who she is. I can't wait to meet her. And I can't wait to get to know her golden personality.

Only one person has taken part in the name game so far. If you're interested in guessing her name then by all means do. Just reminding you that she is a female golden retriever whose name starts with the letter "H". You can guess 5 names and if you're right I'll figure out a prize for you.

I suppose it's time to reveal some of my guesses:

1. Hepzibah
2. Habiba
3. Hutspah
4. Henna
5. Harlequin

Those are my favorite "H" names so far. Mary found a street named Hilmar and there's a town in California called Hilmar as well. We both think that it would be funny if Miss "H" ended to be Hilmar. Hil for my Hilly and mar for her last puppy and Miss "H's" half sibling Marley (rockin' it in phase 7 of formal training this week!).

Not long now.

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