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Friday, May 24, 2013

Please welcome...


Wait...what!? The observant of you will notice that Dulcie isn't an "H" puppy but rather a "D" puppy. That's a pretty funny story there. When we first got our puppy assignment we were actually due to get a puppy from the Amici/Garcelle "D" litter born on March 14, 2013. But, when it was finally decided that Miss "D" would come to us, we had a puppy switch to Miss "H". This morning we were given another puppy swap back to our Miss "D"! Been a puppy swapping roller coaster over here. Haha! Either way, I'm super excited to meet her when I get home. She is Colorado's half sister and I LOVED Colorado. She looks like him too! Mary also says she's "feisty". Oh puppy raising department, you did it again. 

Below are some pictures that Mary sent me. She looks like she's on the darker side and I LOVE dark goldens. Amici is a pretty dark boy so there's no surprise there. *smiles* 
Dulcie with Brenna right off the puppy truck.
Dulcie's sweet face.
Dulcie on the left with the other puppy club's newest puppy Hamilton. He would have been Miss H's sibling. 

Gonna be home in 16 days...they'll go by so slow won't they?

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