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Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday

On to my really important post.


My little girl is 2 years old today! Isn't that exciting!? It's hard to believe I've been with GDB for over two years now, but I have. 2 years and 3 months really, but that's still over 2 years.

A few things about Freya on her special day;

1. She's the most amazing dog ever! But I'm bias.
2. She's still so much fun. When that harness goes off it's like the only word in her vocabulary is"PLAY!"
3. She's pretty and adorable like always
4. She's a wonderful Guide.
5. She still knows "Freya! Freya, Give me Kiss!"
6. Her bow legs still crack me up!
7. I love that she smiles for the camera.
8. She's got the best pace in the world.
9. She loves her ice cubes and her toys.
10. Her small, tiny body is nothing but muscle so she can pull people across the floor.

There's a whole bunch more, but that would take too long. :) Needless to say she's doing wonderfully and I am absolutely Pleased as Punch and Prouder than a Lion that she's a Guide Dog. :)


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