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Monday, October 11, 2010

New GDB Policy

Before I write my really important post today (today is a very special day and those of you who are particularly observant will know why) I wanted to post about GDB's new policy. I was reading another blog about it and a lot of people (well 2, but that's enough for me) said that they hadn't heard of this policy so I'm blogging about it.

During Fun Day on the California campus they announced their new Head Collar Policy. It states that every dog that goes back in for formal training must be able to walk in and tolerate a head collar. "Head Collar" includes a gentle leader, halti, holt, and figure 8. Though I am sure that there are other head collars that GDB will accept these are the major ones. All this means is simply your dog must be able to walk in a head collar. He/She doesn't need to wear it at every outing if they can walk in one and are fine without one. If they refuse to walk in one it would be better to start of slow and put them in one in only really familiar, comfortable situations. Some dogs just need time to get use to that thing across their noses. I didn't take Rocco out in a head collar every time because in certain situations he didn't need one at all and I knew that he would tolerate one if I randomly put one on him. If your puppy is having real trouble in a head collar contact your Leader or CFR. They can help.

But yes, I believe it is grounds for a CC if the puppy will not walk in a head collar. I think I asked the All Knowing Jim that and he said "yeah." So, there you are.


  1. Career Changed because a head collar? Seems a little extreme to me...but then nobody asked my opinion now did they! ;-)

    But I really do hope that's not the case!

  2. I doubt they wouldn't spend any time trying to get a dog in formal training used to a head collar but if they are introduced incorrectly and the reaction to them is extreme enough then sometimes it is possible that they could never be desensitized to them. I know it was strongly suggested before, I'm kind of glad they're trying to make sure the dogs are all on the same page! :-D

  3. I'm not sure when/if this became "formal" policy, but it has been in practice for years. Heck, I thought it was policy for the last 10 years or so since they started using head collars with guides. Maybe not all CFR's made it as clear?? Who knows! My raisers have been hearing it for years :)

  4. It's so funny how things like this don't make it around or do to different people or...well you know. Jim also said that we had to put the puppy jackets on over their heads now with the fron buckle still buckled to desensitize them to things going over their head. I think everyone in the group laughed because we had all been doing it for forever.

  5. We were told at our regional meeting last weekend that GDB now wants every puppy in a gentle leader at all times when in public. They were very specific about it being a gentle leader, not a halti or any other brand of head collar. So now all puppies in Colorado are fitted with a head collar the second they get off the truck and wear one until they get on the truck to leave.
    Makes me wonder when/if other states will hear about this "new" policy!


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