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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

11 Things at 11 Months

Hey Bloggers! Can you believe that I'm 11 months old now. Momma sure can't. She keeps looking at me and shaking her head and telling me that I'm a "moose." Whatever that is. Maybe it's slang for extremely handsome dog. I'm thinking that's it because as we all know, I am incredibly handsome...but I'm generally modest about it.

Anyway, this here are my 11 things at 11 months...

11 of My Best Traits and Commands:
1. Every time someone tells me to sit I sit. I'm really good at that.
2. I'm pretty good at "down", but not as good as sit. But I'm still pretty amazing at that.
3. My "puppy push ups" are still very, very good. Momma makes me practice them at least 4 times on our daily 2 mile walk. I don't understand why though because I am so very good at them.
4. I'm such a cuddle bug. Momma really likes to get down on the floor so I'll cuddle with her. Hey! I might be 11 months old now but I'm never too old to sit in my Momma's lap and let her love on me.
5. I finally grew into my tail. At least that's what Momma says. She says that I no longer have a skinny little tail that just whips behind me. Now it's a nice poofy tail.
6. I walk really nicely now while I'm working.
7. I play really well with Rosie. Momma said she was worried about me being too rough with the little thing, but of course I realise that I'm not suppose to play rough with a little baby.
8. I settle down really quickly. When Momma tells me "that's enough" I stop playing.
9. I wait for my food until Arwen and Rosie have their bowls in front of them and they start eating. It's really hard sometimes, but Arwen is the "old girl" and she gets to start her meal first.
10. I don't chase the cats anymore. Do you guys remember when I used to want to chase the cats all the time. Well, I don't do it anymore! I'm very proud of myself.
11. And the most important thing is that I've been a really good boy all year. Are you listening Santa? A very, very good boy all year.

11 Commands and Traits I have to Work on:
1. The "Stay" command. I just want to go where ever my person goes. Momma says I can't do that though. I have to wait until she comes back and tells me that it's "OK" for me to move.
2. Momma says that I have to learn to stop when she does. I just like to keep going, but I'm apparently not suppose to do that.
3. I need to work on walking with a loose leash while we're just taking out walks. I walk great when I'm in jacket and I'm working, but when it's just a for fun walk I tend ot pull really hard. I just want to have fun though and see what's out there.
4. I need to learn to not play so rough with other dogs. I know to be calm and behave with Rosie, but she's just a baby. Apparently I'm not suppose to be rough with other dogs my size as well.
5. Just because Rosie is carrying around something does not mean it's a dog toy. This is a rule I have to learn. Rosie likes shoes...and she was carrying around one of Momma's flip flops. Of course I thought it was a dog toy so I start chewing on it. This, I have since learned, is a "no no."
6. Just because someone is on the floor does not mean they want to play...I have to learn this.
7. Auntie Arwen does not like having my teeth on her nose.
8. I should "do my business" even if Rosie is trying to get me to play with her. Momma doesn't liked suddenly being pulled across the yard early in the morning.
9. Momma likes cuddling...she does not, however, like it when I sit on her face.
10. Not everyone wants to be licked over and over and over and over and...well you get the point.
11. I should wait until the person says "Hi" to me first instead of going up to them and shoving my head under their hand.

11 of My Favourite Things:
1. My sterile Marrow bone. I love it so much!
2. Playing "tug". Oh gosh! I could play that all day.
3. Running around in the yard with Rosie (or Toledo). Unfortunately it's been raining.
4. I love it when I get my "Good Boy" treats when I'm good around other dogs.
5. I love seeing all of my friends at puppy meetings. Momma and I are going to the Christmas party tonight.
6. I love laying on my bed at Momma's house and than having her sit down with me to watch TV.
7. I love all my doggie brothers and sisters...though sometimes they don't love me playing with them.
8. I'm a lab so of course I love my food.
9. I love the fact that I'm getting to go to Arizona with my Momma and Grandma and SG(stands for step grandpa) Jesse.
10. Sometimes Momma needs to read out loud to stay focused so she reads to me. I don't really understand the books sometimes, but I love that she reads to me.
11. Momma likes to dance with me. Sometimes she put on music really loud and then dance all over the room with me. It's great fun!

So there we go! I turned 11 months old yesterday! Happy 11 months to my brother Rocky and my sisters Romy, Regina, and Reann. Oh! Momma got a letter and a cool Christmas gift from my sister Freya. She can't wait to tell you all about it! :D

I will leave on the note that again Santa...if you're reading this, I have been really, really good all year. I mean really good. And all the bad things I have done...well I've tried to stop doing them...so I think that maybe...a nylabone ring would be a fun thing to find in my stocking this year. :D Please and thank you!

Puppy Kisses,

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