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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Adventures (Written by Rocco)

This is my first holiday season and I gotta say that I'm getting a whole bunch of holidays in one.

First, Momma and I went to our club's Christmas party. That was a whole bunch of fun. I got a new blue kong toy there. Momma says that they need a special colour just for me because I have already bitten off pieces of it. So, I'm not really allowed to chew on it because she doesn't want anything getting stuck in my tummy.

Then Momma had Auntie Lilly over to celebrate the Solstice. They exchanged their gifts and made yummy food (not that I was allowed to have any of it) and watched movies and just had a great time.

Now we're here in Arizona spending Christmas with my Momma's step-dad's side of the family. It's the Jewish side of Momma's family. While I didn't get to open my presents on Christmas day I did get a present from Santa who, by the way, you're not suppose to be scared of. I find this a little hard to believe really. I mean, he can fly and he sneaks into your house late at night, eats all of your cookies and drinks all of your milk, and just leaves you presents. What kind of guy is this? I don't really mind because he got me a cool rope toy, but still, it's something to think about. My buddy Kendrick absolutely LOVES Santa Clause. He got so excited when he saw him at the mall that he forgot his puppy training and jumped on him. Momma couldn't take me to meet Santa this year because of time restrictions, but hopefully I'll get to meet him someday and ask him why he leaves presents for good little pups.

(This is Erin guys. The first video is one of Rocco meeting the singing Jingle Bell Puppy we have. He was infatuated with the thing. He thought it was great fun. The second and third video is Rocco trying to open his present from Santa. He was very good. That bag was on the floor for hours and he didn't try to get the rope inside until I told him it was "OK". In the first of him trying to get his present he looks at me like, "I'm not suppose to pick up the paper, but I can't get it out without touching the paper." So, I moved the rope out a little and he decided that he would just lay down and play with it instead of pulling it out of the bag so I eventually just took it out for him. The last is him playing with his new rope toy.)

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