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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pick Up Day

I'm sorry but I have no pictures of the day I went to go pick up Rocco for our month together.

Last Monday (December 13) I drove to meet Rocco and his new raiser in between our two towns. We were stopping for lunch together to talk about Rocco and what he needs now as a puppy in training. She and I drove up at more or less the same time and then it was time to see my boy. She got him out and he didn't recognize me at first, but he was very excited to see me when he realised who I was. He was just the perfect puppy during lunch. No one noticed that he was there and we had a wonderful lunch together and we talked about what he needed. But it's not much. He's such a good boy.

Now, one last thing I would like to say about the pick up day. They had told me that he had grown, but they didn't tell me he was a moose! I mean, he's HUGE! He's got a nice, stocky, lab frame with his big, square head. And to think! He's only 11 months old! He's just gonna be a BIG boy. He's also very, very handsome. Unfortunately he knows that he's good looking and he takes advantage of this. :D Thankfully he still acts like my little boy and cuddles with me whenever he gets the chance.

For the past week we've just been having so much fun. He really is just a perfect puppy. He's confident and loves to work and is good at it. :) I think I might have another graduate on my hands here. But I'm not going to count my chickens before they hatch and will continue to act as I always do about the recall date and formal training; I am paranoid about the puppies passing their medicals. So, we'll see. For now though, he's just a wonderful, wonderful boy.

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