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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Puppy Game (K's Puppy #1)

Hey Guys! In place of my normal "Mostly Wordless Wednesday" I am doing another puppy game. Why you ask? Because my club is not getting just one new puppy, but two new puppies! So, I have split the game into two groups; "E's Puppy Game" and "K's Puppy Game". This is the first post of "K's Puppy Game" and my last puppy game post was the first for "E's Puppy Game".

The rules for this post are like the last. You may guess the breed (Yellow Lab, Black Lab, Golden Retriever, or Lab/Golden Cross) once and you may guess 5 different Litter Letter guesses.

If you haven't visited my first Puppy Name Game post then please do and enter! Or just specify, on this post, which puppy you're guessing for with a "E's Puppy" or a "K's Puppy" before your guess. There will be a prize at the end of this for whoever gets the most points. There might even be two...


  1. E Puppy Game - Male Black Lab letters H,A,T,C & J

    K Puppy Game - Male Black Lab letters S,R,E,Z & V

  2. my guesses for the previous post are the same for E's puppy and K's puppy.


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