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Monday, January 24, 2011

Rockford Update :-(

This is the title of an email I got from my leader about a week ago now. I always know what this mean when a puppy is Rockford's age.

So you've all probably guessed it too (or if you're really astute you will have noticed over in my phase tracker). Rockford has been Career Changed. It's a hard thing to accept because I saw such wonderful improvements in him from itty bitty puppy to a puppy ready for training. But we all knew that he would have fun in formal training for a while, but then he would start to get stressed when the trainers started to push him. He is just scared of...well, the whole world really. Me and his raiser used to joke that the world was a big, scary place for a puppy. They've decided to keep him as their pet and I think that's it's the perfect job for Rockford. I hear he's already enjoying being a pet dog. It also means that me and his raiser will get to take walks with Rockford and Arwen over the summer. Rockford loves Arwen. Then again, he loves every girl he meets. We've tried to tell him he's not suppose to roll that way anymore, but boys will be boys.

His family is going to get the female black lab on February 9th. So, if you haven't guessed already, go to the Name Game post and guess the little girl's name. :-)

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