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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Name Game Puppy Guess

Let me start out by saying that I'm rather disappointed with the guessing going on here. Let's pick things up during the Name Guessing.

E's Puppy: Male Yellow lab, Litter Letter "S"

K's Puppy: Female Black lab, Litter letter "T"

You are allowed to guess 5 names per puppy. Well, really, you can guess as many as you want, but I'm only taking the first 5. These pups are due to arrive on February 9th. Have Fun!!!


  1. Ok, I'll play the name game;
    Sadler, Sawyer, Scotty, Shay, Sid
    Tegan, Tana, Twila, Twanda, Talitha

  2. It's harder to guess names when you have to think through all the dogs you have ever known and figure out if their name is still in use!

    Sullivan, Sykes, Samuel, Simba, Sarasota

    Taipei, Tanaka, Tera, Tamale, Tampa

  3. It's harder still if you have no idea if a name is in use! :)

    Sage, Steve, Sentry, Sequel, Six

    Trego, Trite, Tarina, Tabitha, Tapioca

  4. Seven, Striker, Solar, Sully, Stockton

    Tomasa, Thumper, Trumpet, Tatiana, Tabitha

  5. Sam (have to guess it, it's my name), Salem, Shep, Snider, Skip

    Tamika, Tess, Tobia, Thelma, Tilly

    Sam and Romero


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