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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Post Card from Freya

Hi Bloggers!

Ok, how many of you guessed that the map of South Korea had to do with me? Well, if you did, you're one smart person. But I bet that you didn't guess all of it. I've been waiting to tell you guys this for so long, but Momma said it would be better until it was "official."

Anyway, if you guessed that the map had something to do with me then you probably thought that I was going on vacation with my people there for a little. That's partly right. I am here with my people, but we aren't on vacation. How many of you guessed that I would be living and working in South Korea!? That's right! My person got a promotion and it came with a transfer. I'm so excited. I'm sure that I'm going to have so much fun working here.

Before we left my person and I had our year (well...really 8 month visit) visit with a GDB representative since we wouldn't be here for our real one in May. The GDB guy was really happy with our work together and said that I was the same weight as I was when we left GDB in May. It was a quick 10 minute visit and I figure that that's a good thing.

The plane was a little dull...alright, it was really boring! But, it's all worth it to be working in such a cool place. It's going to take me a while to get use to this time difference though. It's night time here when I'm use to it being day time.

I promise to keep you all updated on the cool adventures I'm having. For now, some pictures of our flight.

Licks and Love,

Ok, so it may not look like I'm terribly happy here, but I was. I was just very tired.
Notice the Green leash? Thanks again to Megan for making it for us.
I've tried to tell them to let me have some coffee, but they said I was energetic enough...psht! Who's energetic after flying?
*sigh* The things I do for my job.

I don't even get a window seat most of the time.
I'm still thinking about writing a petition to the airlines to create doggie friendly seats.
Just a little longer...


  1. I always wondered how transferring service and guide dogs to other countries worked. I guess that it's legal to have a guide in public in South Korea.


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