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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Puppy for PWAP

Hey guys! My group back home is getting a new puppy on Friday. Again, I'm really sad that I won't be there to greet the little guy or really get to know him.

I felt that a lot this summer. I was just getting to know puppies that everyone already knew well. It was a weird feeling as I used to be one of those ones where all the puppies would get excited when they saw me. A few puppies remembered me (Lance, Luther, and Snyder), but it was still weird for me to realise that I didn't really know any of the puppies. By the end of summer they all started getting excited when I came over to see them (except for maybe Schroeder, but it's hard to tell with that boy). It really only took one meeting for the "T" Sisters (that would be Teesha and Tippin) to realise that I like black lab females. They'd both get all wiggley when they saw me. *Smile!* I could have happily stolen one of them. Haha!

But on to the new puppy! The newest puppy member of our group will be a Black Lab Male from the Hurley/Arizona litter that was born on July16, 2011. The litter letter is "E". He'll be arriving this Friday! So, if anyone has any name guesses that would be great! Though, this is not a contest as it isn't my puppy. If (and quite likely WHEN) I decide to get a puppy we'll do a proper "Name Game" contest. This is just for fun!

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