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Friday, September 23, 2011

Phase Report

Regina     4Y16     LAB     F     4

Hermes     46Y1     LAB     M    7

Halette      45Y4     LAB     F     1

Belle puppy EPIC is in phase 4 this week! He's the last Belle puppy left in training and will be the last Belle puppy ever to be there. It's sad really to think about, but this litter was pretty successful and there will be Belle grandpuppies in training at some point (thank goodness for Estee). I'm still not sure about Hestia, but I'm going to try and find out. I know Hestia's raiser recently got a new puppy (facebook, what would I do without you?), but I haven't heard of anything regarding Hestia.

Speaking of "E" puppies. Mr. E arrives to join PWAP today! My favourites so far are Ezra, Eames, Elwood, Escort, and Edinburgh. But I wouldn't mind if it were Eli either. *smile*


  1. We just found out yesterday that Hestia was pulled by breeding for the next set of tests. Yippy!!! It took about a month from this point for Tazzle to be officially pulled last month, so I expect the same for Hess!

  2. AH, just the person I was going to ask! :D Thanks for the info Cassie! I can't wait to see if she gets definitely pulled.

  3. Me too!! The family is super excited! It's going to be a long month!!


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