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Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Puppies!

Yesterday we welcomed 3 new puppies to PWAP! I'm beyond excited to get to go and meet all of the new puppies who came while I was away.

Anyway, we welcomed HANK, NEVADA, and MARLY yesterday at the holiday luncheon! You might remember me saying that we were going to be welcoming a Miss N and a Miss M and that Marly is a fairly masculine name. Well, sometimes puppies need to be swapped before going to their raiser home. The most common reason for this is usually the puppy has really soft stools and they don't want to send the puppy home with a bad tummy. This happens a lot really and is one of the main reasons we aren't told the names ahead of time. Our group is lucky and has had pretty good names for the last three years (we keep saying we're due for a weird one) but some of the names GDB thinks of are really weird. The puppy raising department doesn't want to tell the raiser a "good" name only for that puppy to get sick and them end up with a "bad" name. Or vice versa. They just don't want us to get use to the name before we get the puppy because everything can change. Right...where was I? Ah, yes.

Well, Candie's Miss M had some loose stools so she wasn't ready to go home on the 7th and, I guess because all the other Miss Ms were spoken for, Candie got reassigned to a Mr. M. But Candie really wanted a female puppy and since this is her 30th puppy Mary thought that it would be good to give her something special. *smile* So, Mary's Miss N (Nevada) went to Candie and Candie's Mr. M (Marly) went to Mary. Yes, I've known about this for a couple of days but I was told not to ruin the surprise. Don't worry though, Nancy has her originaly puppy so that won't be confusing to explain.

So, a little sad that I won't get to meet two golden girls when I get home, but I LOVE the name Marly so I approve of this puppy swap. Haha!

I don't have pictures of the the little ones just yet. Hopefully I'll have some soon, but even if I don't I'm home in 10 days anyway so I should get some great pictures of them then. *grin* So, welcome HANK, MARLY, and NEVADA!!!!

Puppies I get to meet when home:

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