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Thursday, December 29, 2011

What I Already Miss...

So, blogger is in a poopy mood (haha, dog jokes) at the moment so I can't upload these videos and the pictures at the same time. I guess I'll just upload the pictures tomorrow or maybe later tonight. I feel like I should be tired, but I'm not. You'd think 18 hours of travelling would take it out of me. Well, to be fair to me, 18 hours is a little less than my usual 22 hours of travel.

Anyway, I did leave yesterday afternoon...yes, it would be yesterday afternoon (travel is confusing sometimes) and it just about killed me to leave my Hilly Bean again. As soon as the suitcase came out she started to sulk. She's a smart girl. Hopefully Arwen is telling her that I go away sometimes, but I always come back (I used to go to Tennessee over the whole summer). It got worse because I left my water bottle in the house so we had to turn around and I had to say good bye all over again! That was hard. Mostly because whenever I leave the house without Hilly she rests her head on the window sill that's right by the front door. I can watch her sad face watching me walk all the way to my car without her. And then in the plane "Once Upon a December" from Anastasia come on my iPhone and I almost started crying. It was the line "soon you'll be home with me, once upon a December". Yep, I just want my little labby home with me.

So I started to think about what I'll really miss about Hilly. I took these two videos on our last morning walk together *sniff*. The first is of this cute thing Hilly does on the first "up" curb we encounter. She takes a running starts and then hops over it. This isn't eh best capture of what she does, but you get the idea. The second is Hilly stopping at curbs. It's the only reason that I allow her to walk in front of me like she's doing here. I don't want her to barrel out in front of a car if they don't have the decency to stop for us. So, she's taught to wait at the curbs same as Arwen. Those are the two walking things that I'll miss about Hilly. She's so good on walks, but she does need to slow down a little. If you notice we more of sprint rather than run. Haha! It'll come with maturity.
Oh, funny thing that happened to me at the airport this afternoon. I was passing through security for the second time in London Heathrow and for some reason they have to strip search my purse. I mean, they take everything out and search all the electronics. It doesn't happen often, but I suppose they have to make a show out of it sometimes which I'm OK with when I don't have to catch a plane that is closing (I kid you not this happened once. My flight into London was delayed about an hour and a half and they sent me to the wrong terminal and it was all bad stuff). Anyway, the woman looked at the bone shaped poop bag holder I still have on my purse (and yes, it is still filled with baggies) and looked very confused. She held it up and asked, "what is this." Now, I tried very hard to think of an eloquent way of putting it, but I just couldn't. So, I said, "It's for picking up dog pooh." really loud. *facepalm* I'm not my best after a long flight.

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