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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vale's Visit cont.

As promised, here are some pictures of Vale from his visit. Vale is a yellow lab and is fairly small for a male. He is a lighter yellow with a white chest. He has a nice, square head. Oh, his name is pronounced like the word "valley". It's short for "Valentino". He's a sponsored puppy (by his raisers) and they wanted to name him "Valentino" but Guide Dogs wouldn't allow this because it at the word "no" at the end. So, they shortened it to Vale.
Vale standing in the park with his serious face. This is before I told him to "go free".

Vale with his goofy grin.

Vale doing a sit and wait. We saw a real Guide Dog doing some some run yesterday afternoon so I was testing his obedience by calling him to me and having him wait until I told him it was ok to run again.

Vale sleeping on the big bed. He was really tired after our run yesterday.

Vale was such a good boy and, in the end, he did come to like the flat and wandered into different rooms on a whim. Last night he mostly slept in the living room as we watched TV with a couple of friends. However, I did wake up at three in the morning feeling uncomfortably warm and constricted. Why? Because Vale had decided that I needed a cuddle. Now, before I went to sleep he had tried to get on the bed, but I kicked him off right away and, while looking rejected, did go and sleep in his bed. I guess at some point during the night he realised I was asleep and took full advantage of it. I'm definitely going to miss him when I go to next month's puppy class and he's not there. I wish him all the luck in training.

Also promised, here are some pictures of Frankie from today's puppy class. Frankie is also a yellow lab. He's really little at 8 weeks old but was so good today. He sat when he was suppose to and slept in my lap when it was our turn to sit out. He was just a gem and I hope to spend a lot more time with him. Yep, this cute face is what I got to spend all morning with. Jealous?
Frankie standing in the all purpose room. He's really little.

Frankie running toward the camera. Too bad it's in shadow or it would have been a really nice picture.

Me holding Frankie. He's such a sweetheart.

A super close up of Frankie.


  1. We had a Valentino in our club from GDB who went on to become a working guide dog. :) He was a BIG dog though!

  2. I think Vale is beyond cute!!
    And holy cow, Frankie is so tiny!!

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    1. I think the best thing you can do is post a comment with a link to your website and I'll check out the website.


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