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Monday, March 26, 2012

Vale's Visit

Well, Vale is here for a visit. He's only here for tonight and then will be going back with his raisers tomorrow when they pick me up for puppy class tomorrow. I know that it isn't a very long stay, but we've been planning this visit for a while and it hasn't happened yet. I'm pretty excited that it's finally happening because he leaves for training in 10 days! It's still weird for me because he just turned a year old and they're already pulling him back in for training.

I've known Vale since he was a tiny thing. It's really hard for me to realise that I have in fact been in Scotland long enough for that to happen. His raisers like to overlap a little and just got a new puppy named Frankie. I hope I get to meet him tomorrow and he and I become best friends like Vale and me.

Vale is definitely not as comfortable with coming to a new house as Quiz was. She saw the toys and the bed and dog bowls and started playing and jumping and having fun. Vale doesn't really want to venture past my room. Odd, but hopefully he'll get a little more comfortable by tonight. He's also about ten times as mellow as Quiz. Haha! Right now he's taking a nap after walking to the grocery store and doing the shopping. Hopefully, he'll perk up a little when he realises that he gets food here.

I'll post some pictures of him tomorrow.

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